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Medical informatics supporting clinical and hospital management

In the 2000s we are faced with the issue of how the hospital information systems that were virtually completed in the 1990s can be used to supply data in a form that can be useful in medical treatment. The Medical Informatics Division carries out research from the perspective of effectively utilizing the data held in a hospital’s information system. Our topics include: using natural language processing to assist clinical research, utilizing artificial intelligence to analyze data, hospital management analysis, the building of hospital management simulation models and their use in hospital administration, regional medical collaborative networks supported by electronic medical records, patient services and ward information support through wearable ubiquitous computing, and applications of VR technology in medicine.

Laboratory name

Kuroda Laboratory(URL


medinfoq (AT) kuhp.kyoto-u.ac.jp


・Professor: Tomohiro KURODA
・Professor: Hiroshi TAMURA
・Lecturer: Yukiko MORI
・Assistant Professor: Chang LIU

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