Division Faculty
Social Information Model Distributed Information Systems
  • Professor:
Human-Robot Interaction

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Social Media

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Sociotechnical Design (Adjunct Unit)

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Social Information Network Consensus Informatics
  • Professor: Takayuki ITO (ito)
  • Associate Prof.: Rafik HADFI ()
  • Lecturer: Ryuta ARISAKA (ryuta.a)
  • Assistant Prof.: Shiyao DING (ding)
  • Assistant Prof.: Jawad HAQBEEN (jawad.haqbeen)
  • Assistant Prof.: Sofia SAHAB (sahab.sofia)

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Information Security (Adjunct Unit)
  • Professor: Masayuki ABE (abe.masayuki.7a)
  • Associate Prof.: Mehdi TIBOUCHI (tibouchi.mehdi.5n)

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Biosphere Informatics Bioresource Informatics
Environmental Informatics
Regional and Disaster Management
Information Systems (Affiliated)
Integrated Disaster Management Systems
  • Professor: Hirokazu TATANO (tatano)
  • Associate Prof.: Subhajyoti SAMADDAR (samaddar)
  • Associate Prof.: Toshio FUJIMI
  • Assistant Prof.: Huan LIU

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Emergency Management for Disaster Reduction Systems
  • Professor: Katsuya YAMORI (yamori (at) drs.dpri.kyoto-u.ac.jp)
  • Assistant Prof.: Genta NAKANO (nakano.genta.8n (at) kyoto-u.ac.jp)
Crisis Information Management System
  • Professor: Mitsunori HATAYAMA (hatayama (at) imdr.dpri.kyoto-u.ac.jp)
  • Associate Prof.: Kei HIROI (hiroi.kei.7z (at) kyoto-u.ac.jp)
Medical Informatics (Affiliated)
  • Professor.: Tomohiro KURODA (tomo)
  • Professor.: Hiroshi TAMURA (htamura)
  • Associate Prof.: Yukiko MORI (yukimori)
  • Assistant Prof.: Kazumasa KISHIMOTO (kishimoto)

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Learning and Educational Technologies (Affiliated) Learning and Educational Technologies
  • Professor: Hiroaki OGATA (ogata.hiroaki.3e)
  • Associate Prof.: FLANAGAN, Brendan John (flanagan.brendanjohn.4n)
  • Assistant Prof.: Izumi HORIKOSHI (horikoshi.izumi.7f)

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Data Engineering and Platform Research
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