Education Program

Education Programs of the Department of Social Informatics

In addition to training students in the information technologies that form the basis of various information systems, we also build a multi-aspect educational and research guidance system that supports research especially in boundary areas.

Specialized Subjects

In the first year of the Master course, students are required to take three specialized subjects (Information and Society, Information System Analysis, Practice of Information Systems).

Special Lectures

For the purpose of acquiring a broad perspective in social informatics, in addition to regular classes, there are also special lectures and seminars. They include lectures by invited lecturers from related fields, as well as talks given at research meetings and symposiums. The special lectures are a required assignment within the course Advanced Study in Social Informatics. After each attended lecture students need to submit a report.

Multi-advisor System

Master course and Doctor course students can request two specialists (professors, researchers, or field experts) to supervise their research as advisors. Students are required to report their research progress to the advisors twice a year.

International Expansion of Multi-advisor System

Students can request foreign experts to be advisors, in order to receive guidance within a large global research network.

Curriculum of Master Course

Course Type Requirement Credits Remarks
Seminar and exercises for Master thesis Mandatory 10 Advanced Study in Social Informatics 1 & 2
Interdisciplinary Education Course of Perspective on Informatics Mandatory 2  
Basic courses Mandatory 6  
Courses provided by the department Optional 4 or more Excluding basic courses
Total   30 or more  
  • Follow the instructions by the Department for taking seminars and practices.
  • For courses offered in other departments, other graduate schools, and in common / cross-sectional education between graduate schools, up to 6 credits will be recognized as required for completion if approved by a supervisor.
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