Language Grid

Language Grid is a service grid that aims at sharing language services around the world, which connects language resource providers and users using Web service technologies. It was decided in a conference of the department of social informatics held on July 12, 2007 that Language Grid is operated as an official activity of this department. The details of the decisions are shown below:

  • The department of social informatics operates Language Grid and promotes intercultural collaboration research by using service grid software provided by National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), only for non-profit and research purposes.
  • Professor Toru Ishida is nominated as a representative of this department regarding this matter, and signs Service Grid Agreement as a representative.

Language Grid was devised in Kyoto University, and its software was developed in the NICT Language Grid project and released as open source software. A lot of organizations around the world have utilized Language Grid. Kyoto University provides the G30 community site for foreign students in the graduate school of informatics by using Language Grid as well.

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