Course Type Course Title Semester
Seminars and courses for Master’s thesis Advanced Study in Social Informatics 1 1st & 2nd
Advanced Study in Social Informatics 2 1st & 2nd
General Education Course of the Graduate School Interdisciplinary Education Course of Perspective on Informatics Perspective in Informatics 1 1st
Perspective in Informatics 2 1st
Perspective in Informatics 3 1st
Perspective in Informatics 4 2nd
Perspective in Informatics 5 2nd
Perspectives in Platform Studies 2nd
Computational Science, Introduction 1st
Computational Science, Exercise A 1st
Information and Intellectual Property 2nd
Innovation and Information 1st
Information Analysis and Management 1st / 2nd
Information Analysis and Management, Exercise 1st / 2nd
Social Contributions through Informatics  
Internship in Informatics  
Basic courses Information and Society 1st
Information System Analysis 1st
Practice of Information Systems 1st
Advanced courses Multiagent Systems 2nd
Distributed Information Systems 2nd
Human-Robot Interaction 2nd
Biosphere Informatics 2nd
Disaster Information 1nd
Emergency Management 2nd
Medical Informatics 2nd
Informatics of E-business 2nd
Information Education 2nd
Distributed Systems 2nd
Cryptography and Information Society intensive
User Experience intensive
Theories of Service Modeling 2nd
Design Course Information Design 1st
Design in ICT 2nd
Field based Learning/Problem based Learning (FBL/PBL) 1 1st (intensive)
Field based Learning/Problem based Learning (FBL/PBL) 2 2nd (intensive)
Health Data Specialist Education Course (KUEP-DHI) 

(Courses provided by other graduate school)

Health Data Analysis 1st (intensive)
Health IT Law and Ethics 2nd
Health Data Management Training 2nd
Program of Platforms Seminar in Platform studies 1st
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