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In today’s world, where the Internet is used more and more to conduct electronic transactions such as electronic settlements and bidding in online auctions, or to carry out functions required by the government, such as the filing of tax returns, the maintenance of safe and secure network services is becoming increasingly important. Modern cryptography is a technology to achieve this safety and security, and goes far beyond concealment technology to prevent eavesdropping. It is a field of intense study that is developing rapidly. It involves technical and logical systems which include digital signatures that verify the identity of the party you are communicating with and guarantee the authenticity of the data (which means that the data have not been altered), as well as cryptographic protocols that enable advanced network services which guarantee privacy. In our laboratory, we will study various applied cryptographic technologies commonly used today in public key cryptosystems, electronic cash, electronic voting and other applications, and will logically investigate their safety, present new cryptographic protocols, consider how to use them in working systems, and study their effectiveness in our networked society.

Laboratory name

Abe/Tibouchi Laboratory(URL


isec-contact (AT) ai.soc.i.kyoto-u.ac.jp


・Professor: Masayuki ABE
・Associate Professor: Mehdi TIBOUCHI
・Professor: Takayuki KANDA

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