- Social Information Network -Consensus Informatics

- Innovating Novel Social Systems that Promote Collective Intelligence -

The social systems we interact with on a daily basis are our collective intelligence and the wisdom of humanity. However, the explosive spread of social networking services and smartphones has brought about fundamental changes in the way people interact with each other, necessitating new social systems to cope with these changes. In the field of multi-agent systems, we explore methodologies and concepts to promote collective intelligence through intelligent information technology, and realize new social systems through social implementation. In this course, we are particularly interested in consensus building support, computational mechanism design, argumentation theory, automatic negotiation agents, service computing, IoT, and social simulation. We pursue both theoretical research that aims for high ideals and business applications that face the harsh reality.

Laboratory name

Ito Laboratory(URL


contact (AT) agent.soc.i.kyoto-u.ac.jp


・Professor: Takayuki ITO
・Assistant Professor: Ryuta ARISAKA
・Assistant Professor: Shiyao DING
・Associate Professor: Rafik HADFI
・Assistant Professor: Jawad HAQBEEN
・Assistant Professor: Sofia SAHAB

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