- Biosphere Informatics -Environmental Informatics

Building information systems to promote coexistence between human society and the natural environment

This Group is involved in discussion and study that focus on information about mutually related environments in biospheres that range from forests to oceans. The themes are varied and include the construction of databases of natural and social conditions using GIS (geographic information systems) data that transcend time and space; prediction of the distribution of resources and changes in the environment using various simulations on a range of scales; building of systems to support environmental education; and monetary assessment of ecosystems and environments. Students will use a wide range of methods in these research topics, including remote sensing to gather environmental data over a wide area and analyze the results, contingent valuation methods (CVM) and conjoint analysis, and will use portable information devices in their experiments.

Laboratory name

Biosphere Informatics(URL


breoffice (AT) mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp


・Professor: Nobuhito OHTE
・Associate Professor: Lina A. KOYAMA
・Assistant Professor: Masumi HISANO

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