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- Seeking to use information about bioresources -

We approach various research themes, especially for the use of biological information to determine the sustainable yields of biological resources and on the conservation of endangered species. More specifically, 1) the development of positioning-system techniques (e.g., GPS, biologging, and biotelemetry), environmental DNA methods for the acquisition of information on biological resources, the development of data-analysis techniques (e.g., multivariate and acoustic analyses) for biological resources information. 2) We approach various propositions related to bioresource science, biology, and ecology using big data such as geographic information, satellite information, and databases.

Laboratory name

Biosphere Informatics(URL


breoffice (AT) mail2.adm.kyoto-u.ac.jp


・Professor: Hideyuki DOI
・Assistant Professor: Hideaki NISHIZAWA
・Assistant Professor: Satsuki TSUJI

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