- Social Information Network -Market and Organizational Information Systems

- ICTs for the future economy and society - (Operated jointly with NRI)

The Ubiquitous Network technology, the Internet of things, and cyberphysics, are changing our life. Mobile telephones, broadband Internet, nearfield contact IC chips, and the software industry are all heading towards a major turning point. This unit pursues research themes regarding the reciprocal relationship between information and society, including modeling of new ICT business, cross-boarder collaboration in ICT industry, assessment of intellectual property, and social and technological innovation for sustainable industry. These studies are based on collaborative researches and experiments with a private think-tank, international organizations, industry associations, ICT companies, local communities, and virtual communities.

Laboratory name

Market and Organization Informatics Systems Laboratory(URL


mois-contact (AT) ai.soc.i.kyoto-u.ac.jp


Professors: Makoto YOKOZAWA and Masatoshi YOSHIKAWA, Associate Professor: Takashi KINOSHITA

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