- Social Information Model -Distributed Information Systems

- Society is evolving thanks to new technology that allows us to manage and utilize distributed information -

Contemporary society relies heavily upon the massive amount of information that is found mostly on the Internet. Social progress will depend upon the establishment and continuous revision of both a) technology to enable the rapid and accurate transmission of data, and b) technology to allow rapid searches of vast volumes of data to retrieve required information in a timely manner. For this reason, we will conduct basic research on databases, information retrieval, XML, Web information systems, Web link analysis, and data security. We will also conduct applied research on development of information systems better adapted to our society.

Laboratory name

Yoshikawa & Ma Laboratory(URL


inquiry (AT) db.soc.i.kyoto-u.ac.jp


Professor: Masatoshi YOSHIKAWA, Associate Professors: Qiang MA, Adam JATOWT, Kazunari SUGIYAMA, Assistant Professors: Toshiyuki SHIMIZU, Yang CAO

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